Stewardship Renewal

By virtue of our Baptism, you and I have became disciples of Christ, those who follow Him with all their heart, mind and strength.  Along with St. Paul in his letter to the Galatians we can truly say, "..yet I live no longer I, but Christ lives in me..." - Galatians 2:20

By Committing to Christ, we surrender ourselves to becoming Christ to our world.  Being a good steward is an essential part of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, and it impacts every part of our lives.  Stewardship is not a "program" or a fundraising effort. It's not a one-year experiment.  It is a commitment to a lifestyle of Christian discipleship.

Our parish is holding a Stewardship Renewal because we believe that God wants us to be a community of disciples who actively use all their gifts to build the kingdom of God.

Will you join this effort by making commitments in the following areas?

          Time: Set aside time for personal prayer and family prayer
          Talent: Choose one of more parish ministries to join
          Treasure: Strive to give 5% of your income to the offertory


Online Commitment Card

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