Safe Environment Information

As part of the ongoing effort to heighten awareness and protect children, the Diocese of New Ulm is mandated to have all parishes within the Diocese implement Safe Environment initiatives and curriculum.  Over the past few years, we have been implementing a variety of policies and curriculum to meet the requirements put forth in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.  (You may view this document at
In order to be in compliance with the diocesan and national standards we are required to do classroom lessons with our children and youth from the Touching Safety curriculum.  The safety lesson 5 & 6 will be offered:

St. Andrew

Grade K-9

Homeschool - Need Opt-Out Form

St. James

Grade 1-9

Wednesday, October 21st

St. Joseph

Grade K-1
Grade 2-5
Grade 6-9

Homeschool - Need Opt-Out Form
Sunday, October 25th
Wednesday, October 21st

Holy Family Area

Grade 10-11

Sunday, October 18th

Opt-Out Form - English - St. Andrew

Opt-Out Form - English - St. James

Opt-Out Form - English - St. Joseph

Touching Safety Program Overview

Teaching Touching Safety Quick Reference


Exclusión /Opt-Out Form - Spanish

Generalidades del Programa Seguridad en el Contacto Físico​

Guía de referencia rápida para la enseñanza de seguridad en el contacto físico

Copies of the lessons for the Catechists and the Parents:
Lesson 5 - Being a Safe Friend
Grade K-2             Grade 3-5             Grade 6-8               Grade 10-12
Lesson 6 - Grooming-Recoginizing Risky Adult Behavior
Grade K-2             Grade 3-5             Grade 6-8               Grade 10-12


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